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There has recently been a small change in the boundary between Fife council area and Perth and Kinross council area (see the official notice for all the details) and that has led to the creation of new official codes for several geographical areas used in statistics.gov.scot.

We have added these codes to the database and updated the status of the old codes for the affected areas to mark them as 'Archived'. The tools on the website for exploring data by area have been updated to make use of the updated codes and boundary definitions.

Because the boundary changes are relatively small and don't involve any dwellings changing from one area to another, all the statistical data about the old definitions of the areas is still valid for the new areas, so to keep continuity of time series, and comparability of new data with old data, we decided to update all affected datasets to replace any reference to the old area codes with the new area codes.

When browsing round the website you won't notice any difference but can be confident that the data in it is up to date with the latest official geography. If you are extracting data for processing in other software you might need to take account of the changes.

(As well as the published datasets, we have also updated any saved data carts that included any of the changed geography codes, so you can keep using those with no changes needed).

Get in touch if you need any detailed advice on the changes. Official boundaries of the updated areas can be found on the Spatial Data Infrastructure Metadata Portal.

The full list of area codes we have updated is:

Council areas

Fife: S12000015 --> S12000047
Perth and Kinross: S12000024 --> S12000048

Health boards

Fife: S08000018 --> S08000029
Tayside: S08000027 --> S08000030

Health Integration Authorities
Fife: S37000014 --> S37000032
Perth and Kinross: S37000023 --> S37000033


West Fife and Coastal Villages: S13002945 --> S13003131
Cowdenbeath: S13002951 --> S13003128
Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty: 13002952 --> S13003130
Glenrothes West and Kinglassie: S13002957 --> S13003129
Kinross-shire: S13003070 --> S13003132

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