Data cart

The data cart on is a great way to select the data you need. You can browse around the site to find the geographic areas and columns of data that you require, and click the shopping trolley button to add them to your cart. Once you're finished you can save the cart and download the data as a csv. The data cart has a permanent link (permalink) so if you save the url you can share it with others or come back to it later.

Below we have saved some data carts that might be useful to help you to get started. If you click the shopping trolley button at the top of the list of Data Zones it'll add all of them to a new data cart. From there you can start to add columns of datasets from one or more datasets.

All 2001 Data Zones within:

We're planning to improve the site to make it easier to select geographic areas that you are interested in. Please keep giving us feedback on how we can make the site better. You can comment in the blog below or email us directly.