We’re delighted to launch today. is a new site for publishing the data behind our official statistics in Scotland. You can access data by theme, organisation or geography. You can also search for datasets, places or enter your postcode to find data about your local area. The data can be viewed as tables, maps and charts or downloaded in various formats.

There are help pages to get you started. As always, you can contact us if you need more support.

We'll continue to make changes to the site to improve user experience and add new functionality. We’ll use this blog to let you know about changes and demonstrate what the site can do.

The site is managed by The Scottish Government on behalf of all producers of official statistics in Scotland. It provides statistics from a variety of organisations such as The Scottish Government, National Records of Scotland, NHS Information Services Division and Transport Scotland. We’ll be working with other producers of official statistics to bring you more of our data in one place.

We’re keen to receive feedback on the site; please leave comments below, send us an email, or call us on 0131 244 0442.

Gregor Boyd

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