Getting out and about

We’re committed to getting out and engaging with the users of official statistics around Scotland. In that spirit, so far in 2017 our intrepid team has visited locations such as:

• Faifley, to deliver training to researchers from West Dunbartonshire Council and neighbouring local authorities

• Perth, to assist staff from Perth & Kinross council in understanding and accessing our official statistics

• Tiree, to run an open linked data workshop at the 13th Tiree Tech Wave

• Dunoon, to engage with Argyll & Bute research and development workers

Sessions have covered the big ideas behind open linked data, practical guidance in using the website, and workshops on accessing the datasets programmatically using our API. We’ve really enjoyed being out and about, working with enthusiastic people and partners to address local priorities.

So now the big question is – where do we go next?

Our offer of training and support remains very much open. If you think that your organisation could benefit from some coaching in accessing and using our open data, do get in touch. We can tailor sessions to suit your needs.